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May 29, 2009

Exposed Veterans testing positive now at 48!

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Four [4] more exposed veterans test positive after exposure to contaiminated equipment at VA medical facilities, total now at 48.

Results as of May 26, 2009 shows a total of 48 veterans are now showing positive for infection after exposure at VA medical facilities. That adds 4 since last week totals.

Sadly, this may the way this will continue to unfold for months,  with a few more veterans testing postive every week.

How long will this trend go on, well one report has stated that positive tests have occured up to 27 months following exposure following a needle stick.

The break down is as folllows:
<a href= “”>Alvin C. York Campus in Murfreesboro</a>
HIV – 1
Hepatitis C – 19
Hepatitis B – 6
<a href= “”>Bruce W. Carter Medical Center, Miami</a>
HIV – 3
Hepatitis C – 8
Hepatitis B – 3
<a href= “”>Charlie Norwood Medical Center, Georgia</a>
HIV – 1
Hepatitis C – 5
Hepatitis B – 2

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