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August 20, 2009

VAOIG Substantiates Neptoism in VA OIT

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Parts of the Report have been Redacted by the VAOIG

Report No. 09-01123-196
August 18, 2009
VA Office of Inspector General Washington, DC 20420

SUBJECT: Administrative Investigation – Nepotism, Abuse of Authority, Misuse
OI&T, Washington, DC (2009-1123-IQ-0049) of Position, Improper Hiring, and Improperly Administered Awards,

We substantiated that Ms. Jennifer S. Duncan, former Executive Assistant to the former Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology, Mr. Robert Howard, engaged in nepotism when she improperly advocated for the hiring and advancement of within VA Office of Information and Technology (OI&T). We also substantiated that she abused her authority and engaged in prohibited personnel practices when she improperly hired an acquaintance and friend and at a rate above the minimum rate of pay. Further, we found that Ms. Duncan’s _________, misused her own position for the private gain of . We also substantiated that __________; that they improperly utilized the Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP) and the Direct Hire Authority (DHA) to appoint Ms. Duncan’s family and friends; and that they were not fiscally responsible when they improperly administered awards.
____________, misused his position for the private gain of his and when he advocated for their VA appointments and (b)(6) his above the minimum rate of pay. We further substantiated that did not testify freely and honestly in matters relating to his employment and that he failed to properly discharge the duties of his position. Additionally, we substantiated that OI&T Managers improperly authorized academic degree funding for Ms. Duncan’s family and friends and for ________”.

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