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August 26, 2009

Army Introduces $117M Stress Resiliency Program

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Full Article: US army spends $117m on soldiers’ psychological resilience
Updated at: 1824 PST, Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Army introduces the $117m initiative, patterned after a British program, to help troops handle their stress before it becomes debilitating and leads to mental illness.

From October 1 all active-duty, reserve and National Guard soldiers will be required to take a “resiliency” test to assess their emotional, spiritual and physical state.

“The new scheme is similar to one already in operation for British troops. The Trauma Risk Management system (TRim) is a peer-level management strategy for soldiers dealing with the aftermath of traumatic events.

It was developed within the Royal Marines and has since been introduced to the Army, as well as being used by non-military organisations like the Foreign Office and the London Ambulance Service.”

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