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August 31, 2009

Research Regarding Helmet Design and TBI

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Anyone looking for research information regarding TBI and helmet design might want to look at this article, summary below.

Injury with Implications for Helmet Design
Authors: William C. Moss, Michael J. King, Eric G. Blackman
(Submitted on 19 Sep 2008 (v1), last revised 20 Aug 2009 (this version, v4))

Abstract: Traumatic brain injury [TBI] has become a signature injury of current military conflicts, with debilitating, costly, and long-lasting effects. Although mechanisms by which head impacts cause TBI have been well-researched, the mechanisms by which blasts cause TBI are not understood. From numerical hydrodynamic simulations, we have discovered that non-lethal blasts can induce sufficient skull flexure to generate potentially damaging loads in the brain, even without a head impact. The possibility that this mechanism may contribute to TBI has implications for injury diagnosis and armor design.

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