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October 1, 2009

GI Bill Claim Processing, 3 months or 12 months

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Yesterday we reported that it would take 12 months to process GI Bill claims,according to recent VA figures it will only take 3 months.

That still kills off a semester of college and leaves 244,000 veterans will potential credit rating problems in addition to the disruption caused by the loss of housing and a semester of college.
Some classes are not offered each semester, so a whole year may be lost.
This is totally unacceptable.
According to the VA, they are processing 2,500 claims a day, so at that rate the 244,000 backlog will take over 3 months.
The VA also goes on to state that they are working overtime on this GI Bill issue.

My question is, Why is this same effort not being applied to disability claims?

It is a fact that disabled veterans are being forced to forgo medical care, forced to become homeless and even suicide because of the impermissible delays in processing of their disability claims.

So, where is this same type of effort for disability claims?

Full Article at:
Vets Waiting For GI Bill Funds Will Receive Emergency Aid

By Staff
October 1, 2009

“According to Keith Wilson, director of VA’s education service, the department is communicating with school officials to reassure them that tuition and fee payments are one the way. The department has been processing about 2,500 claims a day since the August 1 launch of the new veterans benefit, and employees have been required to work overtime.”

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