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October 3, 2009

Senator Rockefeller calls the Handling of the Exposure of West Virginia National Guard Members to sodium dichromate, “Disappointing”

Full Article at: W.Va. senators applaud probe of chemical exposure
By Mannix Porterfield
Register-Herald reporter

“Sen. Jay Rockefeller is pushing the Veterans Administration to offer care to West Virginia soldiers possibly exposed to chemicals six years ago in Iraq.

Rockefeller championed the cause of returnees from Desert Storm who complained of mysterious rashes, memory losses, headaches and other symptoms.

Ultimately, the West Virginia senator conducted hearings in Huntington and inspired corrective measures by the Defense Department.

While describing pro-gress as “good” in efforts by the Pentagon to review West Virginia National Guard members exposed to sodium dichromate in 2003, the senator said the matter has been handled in a “disappointing” manner so far.

“These brave soldiers weren’t warned of, or safeguarded from, exposure to this toxic chemical at the time, and they haven’t been adequately notified of potential exposure after the fact,” Rockefeller said.”

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