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October 28, 2009

Disabled Veterans Wins on Appeal

Full Article at: Veteran David Best finally wins his appeal

28 OCT 2009 • by Lisa Sorg, lsorg (at) indyweek (dot) com

“About a month ago, Vietnam veteran David Best arrived at his Fayetteville home to find a large brown envelope in his mailbox. “I knew it was from Washington,” he said. “It’s the only big brown envelope that comes in the mail.”

As Best opened it, the former Army soldier said to himself, “Lord, let it be the right decision.”

For nearly 13 years, Best had battled the Veterans Administration over disability benefits for a service-related injury. During that time, the VA regional office in Winston-Salem denied his claims eight times—until September.

Best scanned the paperwork and found his answer on the last two pages.

He called his attorney, Craig Kabatchnick, director of the Veterans Law Program at N.C. Central University, which represents former soldiers in claims and appeals for free.

“We won,” Best told Kabatchnick. “We won everything.”

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