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October 28, 2009

Neuroplasticity, What it is and What it Means for Veterans

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Radio Fora [Australian Radio National Program] has a webcast on neuroplasticity by Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and popular author Norman Doidge.

His website and about his book, “The Brain that Changes Itself”
This book has been out for over a year and received some high acclaims and awards.

What veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI or loss of limbs may find of interest is the fact that the brain is much more adaptable that may of us were taught. Also that we can, through certain activities, influence our own brains adapability or plasticity.

Virtually every day there is a news article stating the benefits that a certain group of disabled veterans benefited from surfing, fishing, snow sking, etc. What all the things have in common is that those veterans are utilizing their ability to influence their own brain’s neuroplasticity to adapt and deal with their disability.

So, which activity is best for you, well that is something that you will need to find for yourself. If you engage this journey as a quest with great rewards at the end, then perhaps even the quest can be of benefit rather than a road that must be traveled, which it is.

One of the items he talks about is the neuro benefits of just daily walking, which in his opinion is just as beneficial for the brain as it is for the heart.

So as a first step, get out of doors and do something. then build from there.

“Once conventional wisdom told us that the human brain was machine like, fixed, hard wired and unchanging. But new research tells another quite different story. Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and popular author Norman Doidge outlines the idea of brain plasticity. It seems that the brain is much more able to adapt, change and grow than has been previously thought, even for mature aged people.”

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