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November 5, 2009

Review; “Healing Suicidal Veterans”

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I haven’t reviewed this book but based on its review, I feel that it is important that veterans be aware of it.

Veteran’s Book Could Help Stem Suicides

by Freddy Groves

“Author Victor Montgomery is a former crisis intervention therapist for the National Veterans Suicide Crisis Hotline and is a Vietnam-era veteran. He’s been a counselor for 20 years. His specialty, it seems, is veteran suicide crisis rescue.”

“If you’re a veteran, or hang around with veterans, there are things you need to know, signs you need to be aware of. Or maybe you know a veteran who made the attempt and thankfully wasn’t successful, but who still isn’t doing well. Maybe you’re a family member, a friend or a veteran with suicidal thoughts. This book can help save a .life

The book covers, among many other things, the signs of depression, assessing the risk factors, and strategies to heal and cope. Women veterans aren’t left out either.”

“The book: “Healing Suicidal Veterans (Recognizing, Supporting and Answering Their Pleas for Help)” by Victor Montgomery III, New Horizon Press.”

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