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November 6, 2009

Army Psychiatrist Named as Shooter at Ft. Hood, What About his Patients?

There is going to be a lot of press on this, however the one aspect that most will miss is the impact this will have on the patients treated by this Army psychiatrist.

When ever a psychiatrist dies or commits suicide or other crime all of his patients are affected. In the case of suicide, many patients will follow the Dr.’s example.

Lets hope that none of his patients follow his lead or end up taking their own lives because of this.

Full Article at: Soldier kills 11 in shooting rampage at Fort Hood army base
By Chris Baltimore

HOUSTON (Reuters) – “A U.S. Army major firing two handguns killed 11 people and wounded 31 others in a shooting rampage on Thursday at Fort Hood base in Texas, a prime point of deployment for U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Army said the gunman was killed. U.S. broadcast media identified him as Major Malik Nidal Hasan, and said he was a psychiatrist who was facing an upcoming deployment to Iraq. There was no immediate official confirmation of his identity.

U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas told FOX news: “I do know that he has been known to have told people that he was upset about going (to Iraq).” U.S. military officials say the shooter’s motives were still unclear.”

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