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July 3, 2010

St. Louis-VA Employee Reported Bloody Instruments Last August

Full Article at: Vets warned of safety lapse returned to John Cochran for tests

“Earlene Johnson, 53, of south St. Louis, came forward to say she had warned management at John Cochran of unsanitary cleaning practices she saw while working there. Johnson said she has 30 years of experience with sterilized instruments.

In an August 2009 e-mail to hospital supervisors, she outlined suggestions that included a “more effective” way of sterilizing instruments.

“There were procedures that needed to be in place,” said Johnson, who said she spent nearly a year at the hospital assembling trays of instruments that had been through the cleaning process.

“The instruments were coming out bloody — not all of them, but some of them.”

She said she was fired from John Cochran for “unprofessional conduct” and is legally contesting the dismissal.

“I tried to make improvements, but I got pushed away,” she said.

Marcena Gunter, a Veteran Affairs spokeswoman in St. Louis, declined to respond to Johnson’s remarks until she researched the matter further.”

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