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August 31, 2010

Court Rules Veterans Lawsuit Against KBR Can Go Forward

Full Article at: Oregon veterans suit against KBR can continue

(AP) – 2 hours ago

“PORTLAND, Ore. — A federal magistrate has ruled that a lawsuit by Oregon Army National Guard veterans against contractor Kellogg Brown & Root can continue.

U.S. District Magistrate Paul Papak denied KBR’s second motion to dismiss the suit on Monday.

In 2009, 26 Oregon Guard veterans sued KBR, saying its managers downplayed or dismissed the presence of a toxic chemical. The veterans were among hundreds of U.S. soldiers in Iraq who were potentially exposed to sodium dichromate, which contains hexavalent chromium.

The Oregon soldiers and others were protecting KBR workers at a water-treatment plant in Iraq beginning in May 2003 when they say they were exposed to the chemical.”

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