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September 10, 2010

Harvey v. Shinseki, No. 10-1284: Oral Arguments; Expeditious Treatment; Delays; Affidavits

This case and may become one of the founding corner stones regarding expeditious treatment of Court ordered remands and significantly affect the delays which are commonly experienced by veterans today. While the audio is telling, we will still need to await the Court’s written decision in this matter.

Every Veteran needs to hear the oral arguments presented in this case, regarding delay, expeditious remands and affidavits.

Audio of Arguments in Cleveland D. Harvey v. Eric K. Shinseki, No. 10-1284HARVEY, 10-1284, 09SEP10, Part 1 of 1, 114,207 KB

Court has updated their website and the above link no longer works. This link will get you to the main Oral Argument pages, from their search for Harvye in the 2010-12 sections:

Delays and expeditious treatment of remanded claims, this audio of the arguments presented before the Veterans Court needs to be heard by every veteran having a claim before the VA. The Court’s written decision will be a must read when it is issued.

Another very important issues raised is what the form of VA decelerations and affidavits must take to be legally sufficient.

Counsel for Mr. Harvey, Katrina J. Eagle, Esq.
Amicus Curiae, Attorney Douglas Rosinski

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