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January 27, 2011

VAOIG, Finds Incomplete Compliance with Effective Reporocessing of Reuseable Medical Equipment, Temple-VA Medical Center,

Combined Assessment Program Summary Report Re-Evaluation of Reusable Medical Equipment and Environment of Care at the Central Texas Veterans Health Care System Temple, Texas

Report Number 10-03926-76
, 1/26/2011 | Full Report (PDF)

The purposes of the re-evaluation were to determine whether the facility had comprehensive, effective reprocessing of reusable medical equipment (RME) and a safe and clean health care environment. The results indicated notable improvement in the RME and environment of care (EOC) areas cited for noncompliance in the Combined Assessment Program review conducted by the OIG in March 2010. For RME, senior managers obtained a consultant to complete an organizational assessment of Supply, Processing, and Distribution and to implement improvements. Facility managers took immediate action to implement and correct many of the identified EOC deficiencies. However, further improvement is needed in both RME and EOC. We will follow up on all of the recommendations from the March CAP at the next scheduled CAP. Therefore, we made no new recommendations.

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