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March 1, 2011

New Hybrid Diagnosis and Tracking of TBI

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The combined use of Magnetoencephalography[MEG] and Computer-aided detection (CAD) systems may provide better real time documentation of both initial diagnosis and rehab. results.

Full Article at: Hybrid Modalities, CAD Systems, and More: New Tech Trends for 2011
By Debra Gordon, MS | February 28, 2011

“Nelson also predicted growing use of magnetoencephalography, or MEG, which uses magnets to track electrical currents in the brain. Although the technology has been around for years, it has not been sophisticated enough to allow for regular use. Newer technology, however, is strong enough to detect subtle changes in the brain, such as those resulting from concussions and other head injuries that would not be obvious on MRI.

Nelson said he sees the technology as particularly beneficial in diagnosing traumatic brain injury in veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and in tracking their progress during treatment.”

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