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June 15, 2014

Office Inspector General 2012 Report of VA’s Inability to Correct Wait Times

Excerpt from:
Veterans Health Administration Review of Veterans’ Access to Mental Health Care
April 23, 2012

Click to access VAOIG-12-00900-168.pdf

“OIG previously reported concerns with VHA’s calculated wait time data in our
Audit of VHA’s Outpatient Scheduling Procedures, Report No. 04-02887-169, July 8, 2005 and
Audit of VHA’s Outpatient Wait Times, Report No. 07-00616-199, September 10, 2007.
During both audits, OIG found that schedulers were entering an incorrect desired date.
Given VHA’s inability to correct this long-standing problem, VHA should reassess their
training, competency, and oversight methods and develop appropriate controls to collect
reliable and accurate appointment data.”

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