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August 17, 2017

Buffalo VA may have used unsanitized equipment on 526 veterans

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“The Buffalo VA Medical Center is notifying 526 veterans who had a scope procedure at the Bailey Avenue hospital that equipment used on them may not have been properly disinfected.”

See previous incidents where VA had medical scope sanitation lapses:

March 24, 2009

Veterans at three VA medical facilities potentially exposed to hepatitis during endoscopy

Over the past couple of months three different VA medical facilities have reported that thousands of veterans have potentially been exposed to Hepatitis B or C or HIV due to improper sterilized endoscopy equipment. According to “Dr. John Vara, Chief of Staff for MVAHS, it’s not clear what went wrong with the sterilization procedures. One report has Vara saying that “the problem was detected because of a manufacturer’s alert and a review of endoscopy procedures.”, Peter D’Oench reporting.

Then according to Medical News Today, as reported by Catharine Paddock, PhD: Dr. John Vara, “told the press that during an internal safety review they discovered on 4 March that a part of the equipment used in colonoscopies and other gastrointestinal procedures was not being disinfected, only rinsed. This was contrary to the manufacturer’s recommendation, he said.”


April 2, 2009

Cross-contamination with unsterile endoscpes

According to a 2003 article, citing Citizens Against Cross Contamination, an Albertson, NY-based patient watchdog group, there are as many as 270,000 cross-contamination incidents a year due to nonsterile endoscopes.


July 4, 2010

VHA Directive 2009-031, Cleaning Reuseable Medical Equipment, St. Louis-VA

In June 2009, following the failure to properly reprocess endoscopes, the VA issued a directive [VHA DIRECTIVE 2009-031] regarding the standard operating procedure [SOP] for reprocessing of all reuseable medical equipment,

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