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October 24, 2021

Claim Accuracy Request (CAR); Expeditious review and determination of disability claim decisions;

Through a collaborative effort with VSOs and other representatives, VA launched a Claim Accuracy Request (CAR) pilot program for accredited representatives to request an expeditious review and determination of disability claims decisions.

During the trial period, VA-accredited representatives, agents and attorneys can submit a CAR on behalf of a Veteran if the representative alleges an obvious error in fact or law. VA must receive the CAR within 30-calendar days of VA’s notification to the claimant.

VA agrees to review and provide decisions on CARs within 30-calendar days of receipt. This process replaces the previous 48-hour review period allowing VSOs to review draft decisions prior to final issuance.

VSOs add value to the claims process, allowing VA to quickly correct errors. As part of the pilot and program upgrade, accredited representatives will receive electronic notification alerts throughout the claim’s lifecycle and when a decision is completed for Veterans or claimants they represent.

As the pilot continues through August, VA will assess its effectiveness and prepare for next steps. VA encourages Veterans to work with VA-recognized organizations and VA-accredited individuals for assistance in completing claims for VA benefits.

For more information about these initiatives and other VA modernization efforts, visit

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