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February 11, 2011

Blast Injuries, Mechanisms for Brain Damage

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Full Article at: The Macabre Science Of Blast-Induced Brain Injury
The Physics arXiv Blog produces daily coverage of the best new ideas from an online forum called the Physics arXiv on which scientists post early versions of their latest ideas.

“Understanding how blast waves damage the brain should help to diagnose, treat and prevent these injuries.”

“It turns out that there are three mechanisms that can cause damage to the brain. In the first, a blast waves enters the body via the chest area and then travels up the neck and into the brain.

The second is caused by a rapid acceleration of the head which can tear the brain tissue inside. This can also cause the head to bang against any nearby armour causing blunt force trauma.

The final mechanism is the direct entry of blast force waves through the cranium. In rats, blast waves travel almost unabated through the cranium and through pig craniums, they retain about two thirds of their magnitude.”

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