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April 29, 2011

VA Medical Malpractice Claims, 1989-2008

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Spreadsheet Link is in original article at: FOIA Friday: Database of Thousands of Medical Malpractice Claims Against the Veterans Health Administration

By Nick Schwellenbach

“A spreadsheet[see link to original article above] of claims filed against the Department of Veterans Affairs, many of which relate to medical malpractice.”

“The data provided has details on over 12,000 claims against the VA from 1989 to November 2008, although the data appears largely incomplete for the first several years. Not all of the claims are medical malpractice-related, but several thousand are. There are fields for the VA facility involved, the date the claim was received, the date of the last tort status (where the claim is in the administrative process), the date of that status, alleged negligence descriptions (none exist for non-medical malpractice tort cases), and amount paid out, if any. The spreadsheet is over two years old, so the latest tort status field may be out-of-date for many of these claims.”

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